Olivia’s Project Update

February 18, 2015

Meeting with Gene yesterday really helped me to reevaluate my project.  My goal is not to lose Chartwells money and as much as I like the Ban the Bottle initiative, that’s what it would be doing. I will still help WCSA with this initiative but my individual role will be different.

I have spent a lot of time gathering research on disposable plastic water bottles and don’t want to give up quite yet. Gene said that bottled water sales have been steadily decreasing at OWU as well as across the nation. People are becoming more aware that it is a waste of resources so I still hope to do my peaceful and informative protest with the water bottles to educate people further to try to be more conscious. Plus I think it would be a good way to illustrate the old idea that when you throw something away, it doesn’t just disappear.

I also hope to find a reusable water bottle company that would be willing to work with Chartwells to give them some sort of profit that is also sustainable. I’m excited to receive the numbers from Gene on the dip in water bottle sales and to talk with the VP for finance, Dan Hitchell, about the university’s contract with Coca-Cola (the maker of our water bottles).

I know Chartwells has several ideas as to how to be more sustainable, including shutting down one of our ten food stand options (that’s really excessive for a small school). But I also know that I am passionate about this project and would rather look for a solution for this issue.

May Move Out Presentation

April 30, 2014

May Move Out 2014