Geography 360 Course Schedule: Fall 2018

updated: 2/8/2018    Subject to objections! 

Week 1: Wednesday January 17

  • Introduction to Course & Course Project
  • Course blog setup: if you don’t already have a WordPress account, create an account without a blog here. Email me when you have an account, along with the email address you used.
  • For week 2 meeting: Four blog postings: (1) on Readings (notes, comments, deep thoughts, questions, images, related links; (2) personal introduction; (3) Three ideas for class projects: previous class projects & also some at & also the draft OWU Sustainability Plan; (4) environmental news item or other bit of interest. Sheesh.

Week 2: Wednesday January 24

Discuss: Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness” + Sullivan The Meadowlands (entire book)
Señor Krygier

Week 3: Wednesday January 31 (full moon! WooOoooo)

Discuss: Abbey Desert Solitaire (entire book)
Presenter: Caroline Hamlin

Week 4: Wednesday February 7


Week 5: Wednesday February 14 (vablentines day!)

Due: Meeting 1 with instructor about Course Project
Discuss: Bruckner: 
The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse (entire book)
Jack Bouman

Week 6: Wednesday February 21

DUE: Project Proposal (see Project page for details)
Discuss: Coates Nature (preface and ch. 1-5)
David Rich & Armando Polizzi

Week 7: Wednesday February 28 (JK maybe away?)

Discuss: Coates Nature (ch. 6-9)
Eric Davis & Mohid Naseer

Week 8: Wednesday March 7

Due: Meeting 2 with instructor about Course Project
Discuss: Foer: 
Eating Animals (entire book)
Beau Richard

Week 9: Wednesday March 13: $pring Break$!

Week 10: Wednesday March 14: Meet in Columbus at my haüs (7-8:30pm)

Discuss: nada
Presenter: nada
Post: a good news environmental news item

Week 11: Wednesday March 28

Discuss: Robbins et al.: Environment & Society (entire book)
Matt Burke & Lucas Farmer

Week 12: Wednesday April 4

Discuss: Urbanik: Placing Animals (entire book)
Delanie Baker & Graham Cote

Week 13: Wednesday April 11

Due: Meeting 3 with instructor about Course Project
 Stoknes. What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming: Toward a New Psychology of Climate Action (entire book)
Matt Yung

Week 14: Wednesday April 18: Project Presentations:


Week 15: Wednesday April 25: Project Presentations:

• tba

Week 16: No Meeting

Finals Week: Materials due by end of scheduled final exam period. See Final Evaluation Page (tabs above) for details:

Due: Digital Course Summary
Due: Project Report: Word or Google Doc (editable)
Due: Project Report (same): Blog posting
 Individual Assessment (email PDF or Word Doc)

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