Final Evaluation



Finishing up Geography 360:

Due Friday, Dec. 14 @ 10:10 pm. (or sooner)

1. Digital Portfolio

Please create a posting on the course blog that includes the following:

  • Links to blog postings of your notes/comments on class readings. Please arrange these by week, date, and indicate the author, book, chapter, etc. Please create a link so I can click on the week, date etc. and go directly to your notes/comments. If you are missing notes/comments fix it or indicate that you have no notes for the reading. Example:
  • Link to blog postings related to your presentation of readings. You all did this once, typically as part of a group. Format as above in (1). Indicate whom you presented with, if anyone.
  • Link to blog postings of “current events” or other weekly requests I made for blog postings.  I did not ask for you to do this every week.
  • Link to any substantive project blog postings, timelines, research, etc.
  • Link to any other substantial blog postings




2. Individual Assessment: 

Please email me a Word .doc/.docx or .pdf file.

Review and summarize your work in the course, including participation, effort, the materials generated in the course (weekly reading notes, environmental news, reading & project presentation notes), and your attendance.  You may discuss personal development, the slavish hours you put into the readings, the obvious superiority of your presentation, your sparkling and witty comments in class, etc.

Finally, suggest a letter grade you think you deserve and explain why, keeping in mind your attendance, participation, and work in comparison to your classmates. I reserve the right to adjust student suggested grades up or down.





3. Course Project Report:

Please email me the report as a Word .doc/.docx or shared Google Doc.

Please create a blog posting version of the report: include photos, etc. I may post some of these on the blog in the future.

Your report should be formatted like and about the same length as the reports in the OWU & Delaware Sustainability Region Reports posting on the blog.

The basic format is:

  • Project Title
  • Name(s)
  • One paragraph summary of project & results
  • Methods and Results: minimum of 3 pages
  • Recommendations: 1/2 page
  • Contacts: anyone involved in the project w/emails
  • Appendix: any data, or additional information you collected

If you did more of a research project, and your work does not fit in this format, do this:

  • Project Title
  • Name(s)
  • One paragraph summary of project & results
  • Methods and Results: minimum of 8 pages
  • Appendix: sources, data, or additional information you collected


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