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January 16, 2019


Digital Portfolio: Kayla

December 14, 2018

Week 1: Intro

Week 2:W2 Kayla’s take

Week 3:Desert Solitaire Reflection-Kayla

Week 4:Week 4- The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Week 5:Reading and Environmental news (Kayla)

Week 6:Reading

Week 7:Reflection on Reading

Week 8: Fall Break!

Week 9: House meetin’

Week 10:Environment and Society

Week 11:Environmental Geography

Week 12:Week 12

Week 13:Week 13

Week 14: T.Hanks giving.

Week 15: Project Presentations

Week 16: Project Presentations

Additional Current Events:

Environmental news

Environmental news

Project Stuff: Project Proposal

Allie Smith – Final Blog Post (Digital Portfolio, Individual Assessment, & Course Project Report)

December 14, 2018

1. Digital Portfolio

Week 2 – Sullivan’s The Meadowlands + Cronon’s The Trouble With Wilderness + Environmental News Item

Week 3 – Abbey’s Desert Solitaire + Environmental News Item

Week 4 – Bruckner’s The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse + Environmental News Item

Week 5 – Coates’ Nature part 1 + Environmental News Item

Week 6 – Coates’ Nature part 2 + Environmental News Item

Week 7 – Foer’s Eating Animals + Environmental News Item

Week 10 – Hintz’s, Robbins’, and Moore’s Environment and Society part 1 + Environmental News Item

Week 11 – Hintz’s, Robbins’, and Moore’s Environment and Society part 2 + Environmental News Item

*Week 12 – Urbanik’s Placing Animals + Environmental News Item

*This was my week to present. All questions that I asked the class are listed as bullet points under this link. I also have a short paragraph at the end that summarizes my final thoughts on this book.

Week 13 – Stoknes’ WWTAWWTNTAGW + Environmental News Item

Project Proposal


2. Individual Assessment

My assessment for this course was emailed to you as a PDF document.


3. Course Project Report

My project report for this course was emailed to you as a Word document. However, the link below will take you to my PowerPoint presentation. I hope it works.

Project Presentation: Documenting the Ecological Necessity of Insects at Stratford Ecological Center

Here is the link to my project report that can also be found on the blog:

Final Project Report

Allie Smith – Final Project Report

December 14, 2018

Documenting the Ecological Necessity of Insects at Stratford Ecological Center

Allie Smith, Dr. Laurel Anderson, Dave Noble, & Stratford Ecological Center



My project for this course was divided into two smaller projects that were related to one another. My first goal was to establish a butterfly transect at Stratford Ecological Center, and the second goal was to develop an insect guide of specimens found at Stratford. I had been in contact with Stratford since August, and we were able to establish the transect within the first week of the semester. The transect ran at a total of 0.92 miles in length and passed through several different types of habitat, including prairie and woodland areas. I obtained a butterfly monitoring data sheet from a contact at the Wilds for Stratford to use in the future. I also wrote up instructions for Stratford to use in future butterfly surveys. Over the course of the semester, I was able to conduct a total of six surveys. I observed 19 species and 795 individuals. Volunteers will be needed for future surveys. The insect guide was not fully established, but photos and identifications were still recorded. Over 100 photos were taken, most of them from Stratford but some taken from the Ohio Wesleyan University insect collection. It was decided that a future student will need to continue this project in order for the insect guide to be fully developed.

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E.coli testing of the Delaware Run

December 14, 2018
  • My project was water testing in the Delware run, it did not quite go as plan but I am confident in the foundation of information I have created, and I am more than willing to help throughout the testing months.
  • Project Title: E. coli testing of the Delaware Run
  • Name(s): Ashley McCracken
  • summary:Even though this project was orginally intedned to have a single set of testing done before mid-October the plan didn’t happen. The focus then changed to the creation of methods for testing site sampling procedures as well as creation of a data sheet which would allow the data to be easily inserted. Both of these went over extremely well and have electronic copies that can be used for all data entry. By standardizing the sampling methods we can ensure results are more specific and  not subjected to outside source contaminations,  BY eliminating these factors our results will be more accurate and time will be well spent for preparation, sampling, testing, and data recording.

Contacts: Janelle

Caroline Cicerchi-

  • e.coli data sheet

Quanti-tray system and methodology

The Meadow Lands

December 14, 2018

I found this book to have beautiful wording, but it was much like reading a story I had no interest in. The exploration of the area that is both wilderness but is tainted is humbling. The first part is snake hill, how it rises from the marshy land and appears to be. The way the story both glorifies the area but tells of why people have problems. I really enjoyed reading that it was resilent to change that it would suck down building that attempted to encroach in its musty, buggy, and watery home. Over all the meadow lands are a type of wilderness, that sits just outside the busy city, full of garbage and life, resilent to change.


The trouble with wilderness

I enjoy how he criticizes our view of wilderness. The truth is it varies from person to person, but as the modern world evolves so does the wilderness that is available to us. Cronon argues that by conceptualizing wilderness as a place void of humans, a place untouched and out there, we leave ourselves little room to discover a place for ourselves within it, and that the idea of wilderness being seperated from humans as a whole makes our understanding of it that much less


Week 2

December 14, 2018


My name is Kron Whar, I am currently a senior at OWU in the Physics program, transferring from Columbus State Community College, after initially going to OSU for their Aerospace Engineering program. As a result of having examined the 4-year plan for the AE major at OSU, I enrolled in and completed any classes that would transfer from C-State to OSU and were part of the degree requirement. Indirectly, this was beneficial when I transferred to OWU since I was already done with my higher-level courses in mathematics and basically the first two years for a physics degree.

Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness”

I recently perused this text and recollect being somewhat confounded by what Cronon needed to state since it was so not the same as what I regularly found out about the wild. I can state I concur with Cronon, it doesn’t bode well for the wild to be this place that is totally immaculate by people in light of the fact that for one thing that is outlandish, and for another, that makes it unthinkable for us to appreciate it. I believe Cronon’s concept of valuing the wild surrounding us is legitimate and supportive; all of nature merits the wonder and regard we provide for wild. It is a lot harder to be drenched in nature on the off chance that you are simply sitting in your terrace. Certainly feasible, but much more difficult to attain.

The Meadowlands”

Robert Sullivan’s encounters while investigating what is known as the Meadowlands. The Meadowlands is basically around a 30 square mile overwhelm which after some time has pulled in a perfectly various environment and furthermore a great part of the not all that excellent side-effects of human life. Particularly with the meadowland’s closeness to New York City. Truth be told this bog has been composed of and archived since the early pilgrims landed in NYC just due to its broad size and mass. Sullivan depicts his long periods of going through the bog and at the same time watching and taking notes of what he was seeing from the flying creatures to the amphibian life to the human effect and remains, detailing everything very articulately.

Class Project Proposals

  • The contemporary state of the recycling industry with the trade-fight between the US and China.
  • The exponential growth of the large plastic field in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Developing internal recycling markets (waste/recycle management facilities) in developed nations instead of exporting to third world countries for a profit.

Environmental News

Palm oil is the world’s most prevalent palatable oil, making up 33% of all vegetable oil expended over the planet. Oil palm trees are an exceptionally effective yield, yet they’ve been developed to the detriment of immense stretches of flourishing woods, and their spread has brought about human rights mishandles, species decreases, and risky discharges of carbon dioxide.

What’s more, killing help for the organizations endeavoring to make palm oil generation less naturally harming would give an upper hand to the ones that care just about turning a profit, everything else be condemned. Supporting the organizations that are moving far from damaging practices will help make the entire business progressively maintainable.