Kait’s GEOG 360 Digital Portfolio

December 12, 2018

This has been quite the semester!

Here’s a link to my project: 

                 Presentation form:


                 Download-ready PDF: Aromy – Composting in Central Ohio (1)

Here’s the PDF of my Project Report : Project Write Up (1)

Links to previous blog postings: 

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Week 3: Desert Solitaire


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Week 5: Nature (ch 1-5)


Week 6: Nature (rest)  


Week 7: Eating Animals (week I presented)


Good news blog post


Week 10:  Environment and Society pt. 1


Week 11: Environment and Society pt. 2


Week 12: Placing Animals  


Week 13: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming


Now I would like to eat some cookies!

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Final Report-Celeste Wallick

December 11, 2018

Project Title: Green Roof Bike Shelter

Project Participant(s): Celeste Wallick

Summary & Results: The goal of this project was to get a Green roof bike shelter on campus in the hopes that it could be used for educational purposes and to help with the Delaware county watershed. Janelle Valdinger found Wanner Metal Worx, the company that made one of these structures in Columbus.921ca1268dcd9a2241a3c6e64830a824

They sent us the designs, a price estimate and are even willing to cut the cost for us. I researched plants that would be good to put on the shelter and decided on sedums, coneflowers, and peonies because they are all pretty sturdy and native plants and the flowers will attract bees(especially if we get an apiary on campus this spring)and butterflies.



What still needs to get done-

  • Professional Mock-Up
  • Write up Watershed signage
  • Apply for Theory to Practice Grant
  • Buy the things
    • Pay Wanner Metal Worx
    • Buy Plants and required soils and substrates

Janelle has a contact that can draw the mock-up for us so that it is suitable for the TPG. Contact Caroline to see what she wants the watershed sign to say. Get a head start on writing the TPG soon so that it can be edited and reviewed before being submitted. If/When approved materials like the plants and soil will need to be purchased and Wanner Metal Worx will need to be paid for their design and construction.


Cicerchi, Caroline. City of Delaware Watershed/Sustainability Coordinator. ccicerchi@delawareohio.net

Krygier, John. Geology, Geography, Environment and Sustainability Professor at Ohio Wesleyan University. Cool dude. jbkrygier@owu.edu

Valdinger, Janelle. City of Delaware GIS employee. Ohio Wesleyan University. JValdinger@delawareohio.net

Wanner, Craig . Wanner Metal Worx. craigwanner@wannermetalworx.com


  1. “New Bike Racks Sport Green Roofs.” Bowling Green State University, 2015, www.bgsu.edu/news/2015/06/new-bike-racks-sport-green-roofs.html. I looked into the green roofed bike racks that Bowling Green constructed to give me ideas on the types of plants and materials they used.
  2. Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Coneflowers.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, Yankee Publishing Inc, www.almanac.com/plant/coneflowers. Researching coneflowers to see if they might be good flowers for the project.
  3. Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Peonies.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, Yankee Publishing Inc, www.almanac.com/plant/peonies. Researching peonies to see if they might be good flowers for the project
  4. “Riverside Computer Table.”  Global Aluminum Solutions Ltd – SITE FURNISHINGS DIVISION, www.globalaluminumfurnishings.com/riverside-computer-table-759358-1068ii22-786888.html.Basic format and design that I will consider when designing the recycled bike rack.
  5. Schantz, Peter. Buildings and Grounds Coordinator. I will be working with Peter Schantz to make sure that the bike rack is acceptable to place at school.
  6. Securabike. “Double-Sided Planter Box 12 Bike Rack.” Securabike US, www.securabike.com/shop/double-sided-planter-box-12-bike-rack.This is the double sides planter box bike rack
  7. Securabike. “Single Sided Planter Box 6 Bike Rack.” Securabike AU, www.securabike.com.au/shop/single-sided-planter-box-6-bike-rack.This is the single sided planter box bike rack
  8. Green Rooftops. http://www.greenrooftops.co.uk/ Sedums are good plants because they are hardy. They are drought tolerant because they can store water in their leaves, they can tolerate the cold, they also grow where weeds can’t.

Shayla Scheitler – Course Project Report

December 10, 2018

Title: Trashy Art

The inspiration for my project was simply imaging what I could do with the trash and recycled items to reuse them. The purpose of my project was to reuse items found in the trash or recycling, to encourage what I believe to be the ‘most important R’ – reuse. Many ideas ran through my head of what I would like the finished project to be. I wanted to use my artistic skills, so I had the idea of making a sculpture that could be put into an art museum. As time went on, I decided to stray away from that – I wanted to actually reuse the items for benefit. I did get to utilize my art skills, still, but instead I created products in benefit of the public and individuals. I decorated jars and filled them with tea bags to be distributed to the class. I made signs promoting proper waste disposal. Finally, I did make a small sculpture for display. 


Janelle Valdinger (contact jvladin@owu.edu)

Shayla Scheitler – Digital Portfolio

December 10, 2018

Reading Notes & Current Events

Week 2: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aDI

Week 3: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aEb

Week 4: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aF0

Week 5: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aFF

Week 6: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aGh

Week 7: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aH9

Week 10: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aHG

Week 11: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aGh

Week 12: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aIB

Week 13: https://wp.me/p2Pjy-aJ9

Presentation: Nature (Part 2)


Project Proposal



Digital Portfolio- Celeste Wallick

December 9, 2018

Comments on Readings and Current Events:

Week 2, August 28th: Sullivan “The Meadowlands” + Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness”

Week 3, September 4th: Abbey “Desert Solitaire” 

Week 4, September 12th: Brukner “Fanaticism of the Apocalypse”

Week 5, September 19th: Coates “Nature” Part 1

Week 6, September 26th: Coates “Nature” Part 2

Week 8, October 3rd: Foer “Eating Animals”

Week 9, October 17th: Happy News Article

Week 10, October 24th: Robins, Hintz, Moore “Environment and Society” Part 1

Week 11, October 30th: Robins, Hitz, Moore “Environment and Society” Part 2

Week 12, November 7th: Urbanik “Placing Animals”

Week 13, November 14th: Stoknes “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming”

Presentation on Readings:

Week 13, November 14th: Stoknes “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming”

Project Posts:

Project Proposal

Introduction: Week 1 info

December 6, 2018

My name is Ashley, I am a Senior, Geography Major (now 12/5/18 update), Blog illiterate, and tend to be a mess. I have a ESA named Paisley who is a GSD and I enjoy long naps.

Project ideas

Research biofilms and their waterway effects

meltage of Tropical Glaciers in Peru

On campus Dog walk areas


What we think about when we think about global warming

December 5, 2018

This book takes a serious tone, this makes it hard for me to read, along with its small tangents it tends to skirt the problem and then circle it several times. I think it is important to read and is good quality. Stoknes calls attention to the time line we often recieve when being told about impending climate changes, it seems distant, it seems like its not affecting us right now so why should we care, we can’t see it so it must not exist. Our interest surges following an abnormal weather event but Stoknes points out that we all too soon forget about it, we need a way for humans to feel that their intereaction to help reduce climate change is important, a way for them to feel good about themselves, while also not being branded an outcast. The six groups of  American was extremely interesting, to put what many people think inot a percentage and a group we can understand how the whole nation views this problem and identifiy the best way to gather more support while also making sure that those supporting the cause do not feel isolated or outcast in their social groups which would result in the loss of support.


I appreciate how in the second part Stoknes provides solutions, he doesn’t just get  to call attention to the problem he is offering ways to find solutions. These symptoms are not problems to be fixed and forgotten about. We as a whole are more concerned with power and achievement than the well being of nature, by ignoring and fixing the symptoms the whole infection is festering and spreading. Overall, the book is good and raises both hope and frustration in response to the whole book, we are not hopeless.

Growing pile of human and animal waste harbors threats, opportunities



Live stock waste out weighs human waste 5 to 1, there are many valuable resources within this waste but none of it is harvested, in the next 30 years it is expected to increase to 6 to 1, so more latrines will not solve the problem. This is a really shitty situation and no one has proprosed plans of what to do with this fecal matter, we have focused on reducing disease transmission by human waste but with animal waste being so large its more likely that we need to focus on this waste.