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Finishing Up Course Projects, Spring 2012

April 18, 2012

Our next thee meetings consist of presentations about your course project, progress on it, and work to do. The presentations will allow you to get feedback as the semester draws to an end.

Below find a series of project reports from previous courses and independent studies. Your project should be documented in a similar manner, and submitted as a Word document (so I can edit if need be).

Besides this project report, I need (from each of you) a Digital Portfolio and Individual Assessment, as detailed on the Final Evaluation tab of the blog.

Wed Feb 22: Course Progress

February 22, 2012

A few things to do over the next week:

  • Sign up for the Sustainability at OWU Facebook Page. There is lots of sustainability stuff going on on campus, and this page is one excellent way to keep on top of it. Also, watch for ideas and projects related to what you are doing for your project in class. So sign up as an easy class assignment!
  • Keep working on your course project. Please prepare a project overview and proposal formatted to include information listed on the Projects Page of this blog. Do this by Wednesday, February 29. Include as many details as possible, including work started, and a schedule for completing your project.
  • We have a presenter for the 2nd half of the Environment & Society book (Silas) but need one for the Eating Animals book.

I am out of town at a conference tomorrow (thursday) through next tuesday. Please email me if you need to contact me.