January 19, 2007

Howdy, classmates! I’d like to start off by saying that I intend to enjoy this class and not be boring/bored, so I’m going to start with this here blog, which–I am delighted to say–is my first ever. I’m finally taking the leap into cyber world, and it’s good to know that you are all here e-holding my e-hands and leaping with me (a little tip I’ve picked up about blogworld: if you add “e-” before a word, it’s automatic computer language).

I’m a junior from Cincinnati, OH majoring in Environmental Studies and Sociology-Anthropology. I’m the moderator (‘mama-rator’) at the House of Peace & Justice, a very special place on campus, and you’re all welcome to come over and hang out. Even you, John, and the kiddies. As I mentioned, while not at OWU I am the nature gal at a ymca camp in Michigan, and spent last summer gloriously tramping around the woods with a bunch of cool kids, building shelters, stalking wild turkeys, snakes, raspberries, and possums, and hunting for citrus ants (to eat) and deer bones, of which we found many. When I graduate I’m going up to Alaska for a while, maybe to work in the Tongass National Forest or Denali, and then sort of go wherever life takes me. Perhaps to do Environmental Ed. out west somewhere, perhaps to be a park ranger, perhaps to work for sustainable development in Honduras, perhaps to just travel around until I find a worthy and passionate grassroots organization to join and help along the cause of peace and justice in the bigger world. Well, that’s the dream anyway.

I had the fantastic and life-altering experience of living in Kobe, Japan for two years during my eighth and ninth grades (hence the user name), and was recently able to find my Japanese house on Google Earth, which impressed me, and also made me a little nostalgic. I’ve travelled a lot with my family, including to Seattle (I feel impelled to mention my Seattle experience). We flew in from Japan at the start of one summer to pick up an RV and drive down the west coast, because we just loooooove gasoline, and we happened to be in Seattle for the opening of the Experience Music Project. That is one very very cool and creative place, and we saw the Eurythmics for free. I also met my first hitchhikers- two young women who had hitched up from San Jose- though now I know many. But those are other stories for another day.

See you all Wednesday, if not before. By the way, if you love the Big Lebowski, you are certainly a friend of mine.


Jeff’s Introduction

January 18, 2007

Hey everyone!!! I’m Jeff. I am a Junior (senior status) Geology and Environmental Studies along with something to do with biology (major/minor). My hometown (40 minutes from WV) lies outside of
Youngstown, Ohio where some of the surrounding areas look like ghost towns with all the abandoned factories and warehouses. I am originally a transfer student from Embry-Riddle, since not many people have heard about it; it’s in Daytona Beach Florida. There, I was an Aeronautical Engineering major where I decided to transfer because I didn’t want a desk job stuck behind a computer all day.

For the past four years, I worked in a steel mill during school breaks. The work there gets old and repetitive after a while, which has kept me here at school J I used to run track here at OWU but took this year off because I am taking a lot of classes (6.75 units) and need to keep my grades up. My only pets right now are a few tropical fish and a Piranha. After graduation I plan on getting a Lemur and a dog. My favorite city is also Seattle, where I have visited twice; once I actually took a spring break trip there instead of hanging out at the beach. While I was there it didn’t rain once. The idea of a rainy Seattle is not all that true and in fact it sometimes rains more here in Ohio. The city usually experiences showers in the morning but by early afternoon it becomes a fairly good day (most of the time).


blogging can actually be interesting once you sit down and start. Andra, you are not boring at all. You make classes interesting and they will actually seem empty w/o you next year as you are always filled w/ energy. J And Im not a mean person at all.  I hate being sick….I ended up getting sick on the last day of break, so I have been sleeping a lot lately. I really enjoy the outdoors and the WILD, and I’m hoping I can get a job doing some type of field work. I like all types of animals especially waterfowl. I have no clue what I want to do after I graduate though.   



January 18, 2007

Hey, I’m Rebecca.  I’m a sophomore (junior in terms of credits, but in my second year) majoring in zoology and environmental studies and minoring in music.  I play trombone in the school’s wind ensemble and jazz band, and rehearsal lets out at 5:30 on Wednesday, so if you noticed me eating Cheetos this evening – that was my dinner!  😀

Other than music, my hobbies include (geek alert!) reading and birdwatching.  I also like to travel; I went to the Florida with my family over winter break and I’m going on a backpacking trip spring break.

I asked my roommates who are here what they would tell you about me.  Madhu says to tell you I ate my first ever Pop-Tart this semester, and she thinks this is weird.  (She says, “I come from a different country and even I had eaten a Pop-Tart!”)


The nitty gritty

January 18, 2007

Hi, I’m Andra.  I’m a senior Geology major with an Environmental Geography minor.  I’m from a suburb of Dayton, OH called Huber Heights.  Some call it Hubertucky.

My favorite color is green, my favorite food is oysters, I have no pets, but I do have four older sisters (much older).  My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  My dad is Latvian….that makes me half Latvian/half mut.  I love doing enormous puzzles and playing card games, Euchre is my favorite.  My favorite U.S. city is Seattle and I absolutely love the beautiful state of West Virginia, it is completely under-rated.

Two things I DON’T love are shopping and looooong phone conversations.  And I especially don’t love never-ending text message conversations.

I just realized that I love blogging…..and writing about myself.

Right now I’m listening to “Stranger” by The Presidents of the United States of America. 

According to Jeff, I’m boring…but I bet he really thinks I’m super exciting and fun.  If he thought I was boring then he surely wouldn’t have told the entire class.  That’d be like openly picking on the handi-capped kid, and Jeff is not that mean.