Project Report

Introducing Green Architecture to OWU

Lauren Kulazenka

Project Summary:

This project aims to introduce green architecture to the Ohio Wesleyan campus on a small scale in the hopes that it will eventually be scaled up to larger buildings.  Green roofs cut down on the amount of rainwater that runs off into the local watershed, and filters what does run off making cleaner water. The plants also remove CO2 and produce oxygen making for healthier air. Due to the lack of bike riding culture on campus, the architecture will get more use if it is placed so that is covers sidewalks and benches to protect those areas from the elements allowing students to spend more time outside.  A much larger pavilion could be made for students to hang out, literally, with hooks for hammocks.

Lyon Village Park Pavilion

Methods and results:

I first started with a project that ha been started in a past semester and worked on it with Janelle Valdinger, who provided me with schematics and the estimated costs associated with the project. Despite the company offering a discount, it is still costly, so a different approach is required. unfortunately the current pandemic has put a stop and any further meetings as this is a leisure project. It is possible to make a larger pavilion out of wood that can support the weight of the plants on top. It could also be placed on the Jay so it can be viewed by all who visit and as a central place for students to gather. Plant holding racks will still need to be installed, the City of Columbus used Buck and Sons for this for a reasonable price, they will need to be contacted for current availability. The plants that should be used are sedum as they require minimal care, are aesthetically pleasing, and are drought resistant.  Once costs are secured and type of green architecture are decided, the project will need permission from all relevant entities in the University and the City of Delaware.

Planted bike rack in Columbus
roof planted with sedum


This project will need external funding no matter what version is ultimately chosen. Most of the funding options that were looked into, like Pepsi and Coke-a-Cola, do not take applications until October so someone with the authority to submit those applications on behalf off the university will need to do when they open. Going with the option of a wooden shelter will also drastically cut down on the costs, potentially making outside funding unnecessary.


Wanner Metalworx – phone: (740) 369-4034

Buck and Sons – phone: (614) 876-2825

Janelle Valdinger – Email:

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