Delaware Run and Chimney Swift Tower Project Reports

Delaware Run Restoration Summary
The Delaware Run Restoration project is a long running project with the goal of restoring a portion of the Delaware Run on Ohio Wesleyan’s portion of the Run. Physically, some options for restoration could include removing the (in the process of being dilapidated) stone wall and creating a wetland by establishing a more natural bank with native plant species to slow the flow of water and create habitat for native species—this can help filter out harmful pollutants such as E.coli, decrease the severity of floods, and improve the aesthetics of the Delaware Run. In short, the results of this semester were researching additional promising funding options as well as eliminating some funding options.
Chimney Swift Tower Project Summary
The Chimney Swift Tower project was essentially complete when I took over at the beginning of the semester. The project had been researched, had partners and funding established, and was in the process of receiving approval for building. There was a holdup, which I found out was the result of a transition of leadership at Buildings and Grounds which led to the misplacement of the plans that had been reviewed and approved by an engineer. The result of this semester was working with Buildings and Grounds to locate the plans and push forward on final approval. Before Coronavirus, the hope was to build the tower in the summer of 2020.

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