Environmental News: Week 1 since death of the human dimension

The article I read this week discussed the newest invention, “The Interceptor” of The Ocean Cleanup, which is a device to pick up plastics from the rivers, before they contaminate the oceans. They claim that 80% of ocean plastic comes from rivers and that they can clean up the 1000 most polluted rivers in the world by the end of 2025. Though they also stress the importance of the reduction of plastic waste, which duh.

I thought it was an interesting article, because yeah, it makes a ton of sense that plastic gets to the oceans because it gets in the rivers that feed into the oceans.

The article was called THE OCEAN CLEANUP UNVEILS PLAN TO ADDRESS THE MAIN SOURCE OF OCEAN PLASTIC POLLUTION: RIVERS, by The Ocean Cleanup. The url is https://theoceancleanup.com/updates/the-ocean-cleanup-unveils-plan-to-address-the-main-source-of-ocean-plastic-pollution-rivers/

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