Eating animals


I love the set up of the words/meaning chapter. The familiarity of the dictionary set up and the association of calm, unbiased language makes the sometimes savage remarks all the more scathing. 


The blip on the bottom of the page makes me sick. 40% of global carbon emissions are from the animal processing industry. 


They kill half of all those chickens! That’s disgustingly wasteful! They could be eaten! Not to mention all the other problems with the chicken industry. Which I already knew about and are why I’m vegan. Reading it again makes me feel so bad for them though. I could and should be doing more. Everyone should. That’s not a life. Do you really want that pain and suffering associated with you?


The comments he made about his dog and the ways people view animals and themselves were really thought provoking. I think it ties back to the whole you can never really know another person thing too. 


His view on vegetarianism is interesting too. It was kind of off putting at first. I’m interested to see if he has changed his mind after researching the book. I can’t remember if he did or not. But either way is kinda unsatisfying, because if he doesn’t, he doesn’t believe in sympathy for animals, or isn’t brave enough to, or if he does he falls into his own polarizing trap.


The part about bycatch was also disgusting. What the heck!?! Half the section or more was just all of the bycatch caught when fishing for tuna. Birds!!! Sharks!!!! Whales!!!!! What! A third of it was sea birds! How do you even catch a a sea bird? Can’t they just fly away?


“It’s childish and I would even say immoral, to fantasize about a vegetarian world when we’re having such a hard time making this one work.”

I read an article about the increasing popularity of veganism and vegetarianism. In just the past decade, the popularity of both diets has doubled in the western world, and even quadrupled in  some countries. In several western countries including the US and the UK, one in ten people are vegetarian.


This part is unbelievably disgusting. The whole time I was just thinking about how glad I am that I am vegan. But my friends aren’t. I have historically never pushed veganism or my beliefs about food into people. But after learning that, encouraging veganism isn’t an ethical issue about animal rights, it’s about protecting my friends health and well-being. I don’t know a single person who would knowingly feed a friend or even an enemy something as vomit inducing as the “food” that was just described in that section.



We should all be very afraid and revolt immediately.


98% of soy produced in the whole world is fed to livestock! That’s so much! 

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