Eating Animals

“99 percent of all animals eaten in this country come from factory farms” (page 12)

“Despite the fact that it’s perfectly legal in forty-four states, eating “man’s best friend” is as taboo as a man eating his best friend.”

“Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transportation in the world combined; it is the number one cause of climate change.” (page 44)

“I Am the Kind of Person Who Finds Herself on a Stranger’s Farm in the Middle of the Night” (page 90) interesting follow up to the previous chapter, but the part about killing the chick was unnecessary.

“People focus on the last second of death. I want them to focus on the entire life of the animal.” (page 115)

“I’m all for compromising tradition for a good cause, but perhaps in these situations tradition wasn’t compromised so much as fulfilled.” (page 195)

“If we are all serious about ending factory farming, then the absolute least we can do is stop sending checks to the absolute worst abusers.” (page 257).

I really appreciated some of the visual elements that were present (at least in my version of the book) to help visualize the statistics. I also seriously appreciated the wide range of voices that were heard from directly in the process–People from PETA, a vegetarian slaughterhouse maker, moral farmers, etc.

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