Week 6 book review; Nature


Even when nature is perceived to be beautiful it still serves a purpose in our society and still belongs to us 

That’s gross but makes sense. We can’t see anything outside of the lens we set up for ourselves.


Ecological fall from grace with the domestication of animals 

The author points out the fallacy of this in a very similar way to the author of fanaticism of the apocalypse but less violently

Really that whole section has biblical references and diction


Argues nature as rights they deserve to be restored to them like minorities and marginalized groups


The people of the Roman Empire also deforested their land and used their resources poorly. This was surprising because I hadn’t thought about it before. I, at least, think of our unsustainable practices only becoming a problem since the industrial revolution. But the Roman Empire and other old civilizations also did this and made an impact. The romans deforested most of Italy and greatly decreased the soil quality of the whole region. They even had traffic jams and poisoned themselves with toxic chemicals.  Other civilizations tried to regreen the desert and had the same soil toxicity problems California is now. 


But also the Greeks knew that they were messing up the environment and they fessed up in a way that nobody does anymore because now everything is political. 


Ecofemists claim things started going downhill after men started being dominant in society. This ties back to my news for this week. Emotionality and closeness to nature became sources of weakness


A sacred tree started uprooting a statue of an unimportant person. They prayed and sacrificed and cut down the tree. The statue was fine. This is what we always do. We say we respect things and then kill them.


 People can separate violence in one part of life from the others, kill by day and fret about the family dog by night. That’s a bizarre concept. But it makes sense. People are not as black and white as we would like them to be.


There used to be bears and leopards in Britain! I had no idea. I have never thought of that country having wild life except foxes and ravens and sometimes deer.


Acknowledgement of the differing views of  individuals in the Christian faith.


People are trying to track down the origins of man’s curiosity and exploitative nature. Why are you bothering to do that? You won’t find it. And if you did how would it help us now?


A passage about how nature is a woman who can be violated.

It reminds me of the worst parts of Desert Solitaire. 

The whole 4th and 5th chapters were disgusting. A bunch of white men taking what doesn’t belong to them and claiming that makes them closer to god. They can’t just leave anything alone. 


As much as I dislike these chapters, I’m glad the author is discussing the opinions of native Americans on his subject matter. I think they want the audience to feel the way I described about Europeans views on nature. It’s important to remember native Americans were humans too and still caused destruction like Europeans did.

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