Week 6: Project Proposal Noah

Noah Barehmi 


Geog 360

Motion Sensor light switch for Williams Drive and Academic Buildings

I’ve noticed in my past 3 ½ years at OWU that our campus consumes a lot of electricity. The poses a potential problem to be fixed on campus do common spaces in academic buildings and residential halls and houses need to be on all of the time. The answer in my opinion is no these places don’t need to have lighting all of the time. I know that recently renovated buildings on campus have these motion sensor lights installed in hallways and bathrooms so it’s a functioning possibility on campus to have these installed. When doing my lighting inventory the other night I noticed the main problem for a lot of the buildings are these exterior light fixtures. Most notably two houses on Williams Drive have been vacant for years but lighting is still on inside and outside of the buildings those two buildings being 19 and 15 Williams Drive. I also observed wasteful electricity use other places on the residential side of campus. The welch connector has trees which are lit at their base. The bulbs being used are so massive that they create a large amount of thermal heat doesn’t seem necessary to me even if it’s for aesthetics. The new SLU’s seem to consume a lot as well. I noticed that they have giant flood lights on the rear of the building and porch lights that remain on all through the night. 

Then taking a look at the Academic side of Campus has many issues albeit less in general. I noticed that a lot of buildings remain with lighting on but inside. University, Merrick, and Phillips all had lights on inside with no one in the buildings. I couldn’t see any interior lighting.  What more important questions to be asking here I’ll need to find out from the head of Buildings and Grounds are a lot of these lights left on as a safety precaution or are they on with no real thought about their use in general. 

Project Outline:

I intend on trying to find pricing and potential cost for installing these motion activated light switches in common areas. This would mean hallways entrances living areas all would switch to motion activated. I believe If i’m able to price out cost for one building and be able to determine the savings the school would receive from the installation of these switches. I am hoping to meet with Jay Scheffel within the next week or two to discuss my findings and potential next steps. Also the possibility of more LED lighting on campus 


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Works with colleges on making competition for dorms helped incentivize the behavior and creating a lasting effect on many campuses. 

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This article looked at why certain consumers chose to use these electricity saving fixtures in their homes. They wanted to see if there were any differences or similarities between the 2 different groups. 

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This article looked at many colleges and universities in Taiwan and studied their overall energy consumption. The country then used these pans to further plan the country’s energy consumption. 

4. https://www.abcfoxmontana.com/all_abc_fox/bozeman-business-boom-blue-gold-and-green-big-updates-to/article_049aa804-5186-11ea-8618-27013fa10408.html

University of Montana is renovating one of its oldest buildings on campus. They will be installing geothermal wells in the building for heating that can be stored and used for other buildings on campus as well. 

5. https://www.bevnet.com/news/2020/press-clips-pepsico-to-achieve-100-renewable-electricity-at-u-s-operations

Pepsi Co. is on track to become a corporation that runs solely on renewable electricity. 

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