What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming: Review

I personally enjoyed the psychological framework that Stoknes used in approaching the issue of global warming. I think that this can be a really useful way of reaching people. People who aren’t interested in science, don’t understand it, or don’t identify with it most likely won’t have a strong reaction to reading a book about global warming that just recites statistics, uses terminology that they don’t understand, or doesn’t appeal to their emotions at all. I think that a book like “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming” is a new way of addressing the issue and can be very beneficial. I have never read anything about global warming that was based on psychology as opposed to science and I have to say I throughly enjoyed expanding my thought process about this topic and looking at it in a different way. I think that understanding human behavior, wants, and needs is imperative to solving or at least dealing with the climate issue. There has to be some sort of psychological and sociological undertones to the fight against climate change because without making this issue one that people care about, we will never be successful in getting them to adjust their lifestyles.

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