Down to Earth- review- Ash

I went in thinking this book would be an easy read of 100 some pages. While this was a gross underestimation as the book was VERY dense, I still enjoyed it quite a lot. The author was blunt, critical, and explained things in extreme detail. I found it hard to follow when he started going into depth about things like globalization plus and minus. The way he phrased things was frustrating to grasp. It reads very much like a scientific or matter of factly style of writing. Which I can appreciate, but have a VERY hard time understanding. I often find myself lost and confused having to reread things– and then end up still being lost and confused. Even now I still don’t understand his whole globalization plus and minus thing he was talking about. However, even without being able to grasp all the tiny details he has it’s still possible to understand what he is trying to say and that is what ultimately helped me continue to read the book. Overall, the book is very informative and has a strong opinion on the world and how the different classes around the world– and specifically in the USA- act and react to the issues of global warming. VERY strong… blunt opinions.

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