Eating Animals Review

This book was by far my favorite book we have read thus far. I found myself glued to it like I would be to a romance novel. There were parts that made me literally sob, and parts that made me smile. I appreciated Foer’s choice to bring in a multitudes of experiences, opinions, research, etc. As a vegetarian, I didn’t think I’d find myself empathizing or rooting for any kind of animal farmer, but there were parts that I did (The way the “last poultry farmer” loved his turkeys genuinely made me happy. Despite having done my own research when I decided to become a vegetarian 6 years ago, there was so much information in here that I had never stumbled upon. Also, it made me feel guilty and shameful in a way. While I haven’t eaten a land animal in the past 6 years, I have eaten fish from time to time. Reading the words “You never have to worry if the fish on your plate suffered. It did.” Shook me to my core and made me certain that I won’t be eating fish again. It has also prompted me to try to transition into a vegan lifestyle. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but my willing ignorance had held me back. I knew the conditions were horrible for dairy and poultry animals too but I chose to ignore it, this book made that impossible. I loved this book so much and it’s one I won’t be selling back to the bookstore.

I added a link to my discussions notes from this book since Kryiger was not there for that class just so he can see the kinds of things that we discussed.

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