Bruckner thoughts

“Ultimately, the catastrophe has already taken place; it began as soon as primitive humans invented the first tools and moved away from Being (pg. 42).”

This book is beefy with detail and subtleties — I think it would take a second or third read to truly glean all that one can from Bruckner. It certainly got me thinking about a lot of weird things, like the voluntary human extinction movement, Muir was a racist, folks who prepare for the apocalypse, the way that environmentalism has been constructed (we need to question it, obviously), etc. The book does what I think it means to do — provoke, and to do so with ferocity.

I chose to include the first quote because it totally rocked my world. The thing that has accelerated the “evolution”, advancement of humans as a species is precisely the thing that has removed us from nature and effectively enabled us to destroy it. Tools are built from Earth’s resources, and so the more we build — the more we advance — the more we kill our host. Shit is Whack bro.

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