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As we all are well aware there is ozone and there is ozone depletion due to warming of the planet and release of chemicals that harm the ozone. For many years the thinning of the ozone has been a topic of conversation in the world of scientists, activists and even in school topics recently, however, this article gives some good news. 
The article first states that the area that sees the most thinning, aka the “hole in the ozone” experiences a good degree of variability from year to year; September 2017, beyond 20 million square km, September 2018 10 million sq km and this past week the area of deep thinning covers just over 5 million sq km. Although there is variability it is safe to say that over the last three years we have seen a decrease in the deep thinning. 
However, this article states that scientists have found the “losses began earlier than normal this year, but they were truncated by a sudden warming event that lifted temperature in the stratosphere by 20-30 degrees – destabilizing the ozone destroying process”. Engelen says that the small size that was seen earlier last week is encouraging, but also warns against complacency and should be viewed as an anomaly and to find out more of what caused it. 

It is encouraging to see this, but should also raise eyebrows and questions as to why.

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