Week 2


My name is Kron Whar, I am currently a senior at OWU in the Physics program, transferring from Columbus State Community College, after initially going to OSU for their Aerospace Engineering program. As a result of having examined the 4-year plan for the AE major at OSU, I enrolled in and completed any classes that would transfer from C-State to OSU and were part of the degree requirement. Indirectly, this was beneficial when I transferred to OWU since I was already done with my higher-level courses in mathematics and basically the first two years for a physics degree.

Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness”

I recently perused this text and recollect being somewhat confounded by what Cronon needed to state since it was so not the same as what I regularly found out about the wild. I can state I concur with Cronon, it doesn’t bode well for the wild to be this place that is totally immaculate by people in light of the fact that for one thing that is outlandish, and for another, that makes it unthinkable for us to appreciate it. I believe Cronon’s concept of valuing the wild surrounding us is legitimate and supportive; all of nature merits the wonder and regard we provide for wild. It is a lot harder to be drenched in nature on the off chance that you are simply sitting in your terrace. Certainly feasible, but much more difficult to attain.

The Meadowlands”

Robert Sullivan’s encounters while investigating what is known as the Meadowlands. The Meadowlands is basically around a 30 square mile overwhelm which after some time has pulled in a perfectly various environment and furthermore a great part of the not all that excellent side-effects of human life. Particularly with the meadowland’s closeness to New York City. Truth be told this bog has been composed of and archived since the early pilgrims landed in NYC just due to its broad size and mass. Sullivan depicts his long periods of going through the bog and at the same time watching and taking notes of what he was seeing from the flying creatures to the amphibian life to the human effect and remains, detailing everything very articulately.

Class Project Proposals

  • The contemporary state of the recycling industry with the trade-fight between the US and China.
  • The exponential growth of the large plastic field in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Developing internal recycling markets (waste/recycle management facilities) in developed nations instead of exporting to third world countries for a profit.

Environmental News

Palm oil is the world’s most prevalent palatable oil, making up 33% of all vegetable oil expended over the planet. Oil palm trees are an exceptionally effective yield, yet they’ve been developed to the detriment of immense stretches of flourishing woods, and their spread has brought about human rights mishandles, species decreases, and risky discharges of carbon dioxide.

What’s more, killing help for the organizations endeavoring to make palm oil generation less naturally harming would give an upper hand to the ones that care just about turning a profit, everything else be condemned. Supporting the organizations that are moving far from damaging practices will help make the entire business progressively maintainable.

Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2018/12/palm-oil-destroying-rainforests-household-items/

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