Week 12

“Placing Animals”

Placing Animals moved back on a great deal of to Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, whereas Julie Urbanik approaches these themes in an unexpected way. This is most evidently found in the first section of the textbook, where the author invests less energy discussing creatures and additional time presenting and clarifying geographic terms and ideas. There was likewise plenty of irregular certainties that truly stood out, there are more tigers living in imprisonment in the United States than there are living in nature. Urbanik’s examination of the job creatures play in dialect, and how we relate certain attributes and identity qualities to specific creatures, similar to the shrewd fox, the daring lion, and the coward chicken.

Environmental News

Five oil and gas organizations have been given the green light to utilize seismic “airgun” impacts to scan for worthwhile oil and gas stores that could be covered in the ocean bottom from New Jersey to Florida. Vast marine warm-blooded creatures like whales and dolphin utilize sound for imparting, sustaining, and mating, which means the impacts could affect each of the three of those fundamental exercises. To moderate effect to natural life, NOAA says seismic impacts won’t be permitted from November to April in specific areas of the Atlantic where North Atlantic right whales are known to move. Furthermore, pontoons leading seismic activities will be required to have a NOAA spectator on board to screen coincidental take.

Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2018/11/noaa-approves-seismic-airgun-blasting-oil-gas-drilling-atlantic-ocean/

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