The Meadow Lands

I found this book to have beautiful wording, but it was much like reading a story I had no interest in. The exploration of the area that is both wilderness but is tainted is humbling. The first part is snake hill, how it rises from the marshy land and appears to be. The way the story both glorifies the area but tells of why people have problems. I really enjoyed reading that it was resilent to change that it would suck down building that attempted to encroach in its musty, buggy, and watery home. Over all the meadow lands are a type of wilderness, that sits just outside the busy city, full of garbage and life, resilent to change.


The trouble with wilderness

I enjoy how he criticizes our view of wilderness. The truth is it varies from person to person, but as the modern world evolves so does the wilderness that is available to us. Cronon argues that by conceptualizing wilderness as a place void of humans, a place untouched and out there, we leave ourselves little room to discover a place for ourselves within it, and that the idea of wilderness being seperated from humans as a whole makes our understanding of it that much less


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