E.coli testing of the Delaware Run

  • My project was water testing in the Delware run, it did not quite go as plan but I am confident in the foundation of information I have created, and I am more than willing to help throughout the testing months.
  • Project Title: E. coli testing of the Delaware Run
  • Name(s): Ashley McCracken
  • summary:Even though this project was orginally intedned to have a single set of testing done before mid-October the plan didn’t happen. The focus then changed to the creation of methods for testing site sampling procedures as well as creation of a data sheet which would allow the data to be easily inserted. Both of these went over extremely well and have electronic copies that can be used for all data entry. By standardizing the sampling methods we can ensure results are more specific and  not subjected to outside source contaminations,  BY eliminating these factors our results will be more accurate and time will be well spent for preparation, sampling, testing, and data recording.

Contacts: Janelle Valdinger-jlvaldin@owu.edu

Caroline Cicerchi- ccicerchi@delawareohio.net

  • e.coli data sheet

Quanti-tray system and methodology

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