Week 13

Reading: What we try to think about when we try not to Think about Global Warming- Stoknes

Thinking- Denial yo

Doing- How people are taking action

Being-Change the way you think

I thought this was an interesting book, as it went through the psychological processes that people go through, not only in the ways they process climate change, but in other topics throughout their daily lives. Environmental racism is an issue that leaves people of color in areas that are more susceptible to poor environmental changes, but that is through design and gentrification. Why else do people ignore global warming? Passive and active ignorance. It seems like doomsday is upon us and it may be futile to take any action now, so you might as well live your life the way you want to. Or you may not be aware of the changes that are taking place. How do we make people aware and more active? It’s a slow change in culture. The easiest way to start is by economics. If people can take steps to save money in one way or another, they will be incentivized to make minor life style changes. The root of climate change may be denial, but large scale changes won’t happen without motivating people on a large scale.

Current Event: New Zealand Asks Travelers to Help Protect the Environment

The government of New Zealand is asking travelers to go a step further and to take care of the environment on their visit. If visitors take the “Tiaki Promise” they promise to be good stewards of the environment during their stay. It isn’t just ‘dos and don’ts’ but rather guidelines that ask visitors to consider the relationship they have with the environment. There is ample information on this new initiative, not only on New Zealand’s tourism website, but here too.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 4.35.32 PM.png

Awaroa, Tasman: Situated deep in the Abel Tasman National Park, this secluded area at the top of the South Island was bought by thousands of Kiwis as part of a crowd-funding campaign so that it would stay open to the public. (CNN)

Project Update: Janelle emailed the head of Buildings and Grounds a couple of times about meeting him to see if we can get approval for the installation of this rain garden. I fully intend to write a small grant or two to have it built before graduation, but it has to be approved first. Back-up plan is to build one near Philips, but in the mean time keep buggin’ B&G.

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