Shayla Scheitler: GEOG 360 – Week 13

Reading: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming

I really enjoyed this book! It’s very unique from our other readings and I think there are some skills learned in the book that can be applied to outside of the classroom, or even in future classes. I did feel that it was dragged out. Some points were touched on several times. Some notes:

  • I related to the times the author referred to eco-anxiety and depression because I’ve definitely experienced that as an Environmental Studies major. It’s a huge weight that’s carried with me and sometimes it’s really hard to motivate myself to try to help the seemingly hopeless.
  • “Our thinking is too short-term and our behavior too self-interested to turn around rapidly enough to avert runaway climate change in the coming century.” I definitely have seen evidence of this attitude and have always thought it’s better than not caring at all.
  • I really liked the quote talking about how countries are so invested in maximizing their wealth that they’re not concerned with tackling climate change because they find there is little to be gained from participating in green movements.
  • Bringing up the fact that there’s so many groups in the population that care about climate change but do not have a voice was very moving. A lot of families can’t afford to participate in eco-friendly things.
  • “But when it comes to the facts of increasing climate disruption due to our human impact on the earth, there is an ethical obligation to respond.”
  • “When the weather us unusually hot, people get concerned about global warming. In cold spells, concern wanes.” I’ve definitely been around people who feel this way. People really do think if it’s not hot 24/7, global warming isn’t real.
  • “Jewish investor Yosef Abramowitz sees the failure to transition to a more sustainable economy as an act against faith in shared human responsibility.” Yeah, that’s basically like if you don’t wash stray dishes in the sink just because they’re not yours, and the dishes pile-up.
  • “The more we let death- and even the threats of extinction- into our soul, the more we can appreciate the current vitality of life in its many forms.” Yep, seeing the Great Barrier Reef die off but admiring the little life that is left is a great example of this.


Environmental News

22 arrests in climate change protest in the UK

Protesters blockading the offices of the UK's energy department

The demonstrators blocked entry to the energy department offices in London by lying chained together on the pavement, while some glued themselves to the doors of the department building.

“Change comes when people are willing to commit acts of peaceful civil disobedience. Fifty people in jail for a short time is likely to bring the ecological crisis into the public consciousness.”

The protesters want cabinet members to ‘tell the truth’ about the seriousness of the environmental crisis and to set up a People’s Assembly of ordinary citizens to decide priorities for reshaping the economy so that protecting the climate becomes Number One priority.

For this particular protest, they were aiming to cancel projects that will increase emissions in the UK, like fracking.

I love the ‘extinction rebellion’ shirt.

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