Week 12


Placing Animals was a good read, a nice change of pace from the textbook that we just spent two weeks on (no diss!). The take, that we need to analyze more, is that of our relation to animals, in our day to day lives. Whether that be in an undergrad students enclosement of a hamster in their dorm, or an uber rich guy that wants a tiger. We all have different ways we affect the animals that are ever present in our locale. The ideas, of what constitutes a pet, is very necessary argument, for anyone that has a pet. Is it for companionship, or is it an inner need for domination of another; I make this argument, purely for the reason that I see, dog owners are for the most part of this thinking. They spend time training them, to be obedient, sit, stay, roll over, and fetch. This is lame as hell, considering that this does nothing for you, other than some slight joy in yourself, that someone ‘trained’ this dog to do it’s bidding. At this point I will make it known, I am a cat person. A cat will be passive towards you, until it is food time; cats use us, we use dogs. Dogs are even COPS. They are charged with identifying deviants, and subduing or mauling them, that just depends on the officer. Regardless, this idea of DOG COPS is hilarious, we have dogs in their own uniforms, we send them on people to capture. Meanwhile, the question has not been posed, as to the opinion of dogs, on the matter. The notion aligns with the ideas pre Zoogeography, which were based on ideas that animals only live in areas that they are best suited for. So if we are so far in nuance, and far from the ideas pre-Darwin, then why do we still hold dogs as being something other than what they are, an object for domination.



Large hydropower dams ‘not sustainable’ in the developing world


Ah dams, the big ol’ concrete water suppressor. Dams are a divisive issue, on the one hand, you have people that rely on these dams, and hydroelectric plants for a living. The effects however, are catastrophic. Without info from the article, just background knowledge, I already know that the effects of dams on the local ecology are horrendous. Populations of the American Beaver have been wiped out due to damming up rivers; biodiversity hotspots are negatively effected, and have the possibility for more harm than good. However the main thing tugging these concrete slabs forward is $$$. The promise of cheap electricity, and jobs is very appealing, but think about it. Only a few people would benefit from those jobs and cheap electricity, while people downstream are left to rot. The problem highlighted in the article, is that of the uptick in dams being built in the developing world to a higher degree. And while the promise of cheap electricity is there, the possibility of losing food sources, biodiversity, and water is very high. Also noted in the article, is that the hydroelectric plants would not being going to power homes, rather, it is going to power industry. This gives me colonialism vibes bad.


Project Update


I’m scheduled to fly academic side this week, which will give a base for mapping out utilities (electric). The weather has been absolute trash the past few weeks so that put a hold on flying the drone. After that is done, I hope to go out with the surveyors pole + GPS (Janelle has offered the use of it for my project), and mark out points for electric lines. I am working on an outline as to how this project can be completed in coming semesters.

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