Week X-Environment and Society Part 2

Reading Part 2

A lot of the modern world is based around societal norms which are based upon shifting, growing, and emerging social constructs. I appreciate that this book makes a very clear point to identify what environmental phenomena are based on those social constructs and how exactly that effects how people treat it and the resulting costs of that.

I found a lot of the figures and tables confusing however because of the lack of information on them. A lot of the figures had no legend so the values are up for interpretation and the values on some of the tables could mean two conflicting things. They might make more sense with a more thorough read through but given the time of course I could only skim and hope that it wasn’t too important for understanding the point of the chapter.


Scientists have figured out a way to synthetically engineer organisms that probably lived billions of years ago on the Earth to try and study how they may have evolved to lead to Earths current organisms.

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