Environment and Society

This book is a textbook, which per usual makes it very dry and hard to power read, but we all manage.

In the introduction the term rewilding was used to describe human interaction in an attempt to return earth to its unsoiled beauty(p3). This is interesting because we humans have input attempting to reintroduce long gone animals to the area, perhaps the best choice would be to create the foundation and let nature take its course, natural selection would again happen and the area would be restored without excessive human interaction. Although many texts discredit Malthus’s geometric growth doomsday idea this book embraced it and said it is plausible to happen, we have to hit a cap eventually. The green revolution has helped to delay this by producing more crops, but this inturn costs more water. The author made some great points that really struck home, one being that if we think about environmental problems as hazards we are more likely to rationally think through the incident and consider the risks that it brings. ANother thing he really put into a better context is how wilderness and nature is a social construct, it only has that meaning because we are told to be this it must be like this or within this or that. Without the social construct wilderness could be your yard or your home, if you deemed it so.

All in all this book gave me a headache, but also provided a couple of really strong points. It was a hard read but interesting at times with the comics and the small blurbs of information I found interesting.


Environmental News


The Himlayan Gold caterpillar fungus comes to fruition when a parasite enters the host caterpillar body, and eats the inside, it then sprouts from the head like a unicorn horn. It sounds majestic and people use it as a natural viagra, but increase in winter temperatures and demand for the fungus has put it in a precarious state. If the over harvesting continues there are fears another more envasive parasite will make its home within the high reaches of the Himalayas. Most of the market is created through illegal trading so cracking down on this will be hard, but well worth it. Besdies who likes eating a parasite and a fungus! Ew!

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