Eating Animals (try 2)

Eating Animals was a book that gave me pause, as someone raised on a farm I have always understood where meat came from, most of my childhood consisted of raising meat animals and then their subtle disappearance. As I grew older I watched Food INC and seen the horrible conditions many animals go through before being processed for our consumption. This book caused me to think about all the horrors again, but it did not push me towards being vegetarian, I do not often think of the animals treatment when buying from a grocery store, but this book has caused me to reconsider.

Although the book brought to light a pulling task of being vegetarian for a few days or in certain circumstance to mititgate ones impact on the earth, I cannot fathom doing it. I am more aware though of the meat I will be buying and plan to find a local farmer to buy from within reason.


Environmental News

New fish found in a fish auction!

The fish called an Opah was noticed to have many different characteristics including, eye,fin, and spot sizing, this was orginally thought to be one single specie,but following recent testing it has been found that there are several new species! All of this determined from a fish auction in Hawaii when someone decided to look a little closer at the fish!

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