My project

After meeting with Janelle, I have finally come up with a project.

Many people, including myself, are sorely uneducated about watersheds and their connection to our environments. Essentially, a watershed is an underground network of waterways that connect to the storm drains of a city. Delaware’s storm drains connect directly to the watershed, and the watershed drains straight into the Olentangy river. The problem with people not knowing even this simple fact is the fact that many people will dump litter or waste down the storm drains, thinking there will be no adverse affects, when in reality they are poisoning the water supply.

The best way to start fixing this problem is through the education of Delaware’s youth and adults alike. The main plan of attack is to implement a convenient lesson plan surrounding watersheds that could be taught at OWU’s own early childhood education center. A basic diagram of a watershed along with a few key points appropriate for the education level will be chosen. Additionally, I will work with the schools and the city to get small bumpers or stickers put on top of the storm drains that will warn residents of the danger of littering.

The first step I took was educating myself about watersheds, and I am now reaching out to the school and the city to really get things going.

Wish me luck!

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