the sixth week

Nature – the second half 

The Patheon and Pagan water Deities around gardens during the Renaissance

Thetis - Wikipedia

(Thetis, Salt-water Nereid and Achilles’ Mother)

Virgillian Pastoralism – he romanticizes and simplifies the lives of shepherd, also uses it to contrast urban and rural, and as a political framework.

Hobbesian vs Anti-Hobbesian, nature needs culture vs nature is harmed by culture

“Nature as a blueprint” – “French and American physiocratic ideology of agrarian virtue” – “never mentioned by environmentalist critics of the Enlightenment”

Environmentalists who are critics of the enlightenment or critics of the        environmentalists?

picturesque vs. sublime of the Romantic Period

american landscape painters from 19th century - Google ...

Wild, Wild West | The Modern Gladiator



Project Update!

I am meeting with Janelle and Jay Leard of Innovative Organics Composting on Friday, Sept. 28th at 12:45 pm! I will be presenting a map of the Delaware Farmers’ Market. I’m very excited!

More Good News! 

The EPA is proud of North Carolina’s air quality! They think that they can stop requiring vehicles to be emissions tested by the end of the year. They are only concerned with Vehicles from the late 1990s and early 2000s, but pre-95 and more recent vehicles usually pass their emissions tests with flying colors.

My only concern with the no longer requiring emissions tests are that emissions can change with a car’s age, no matter what year it’s from. Also, it’s a deregulation coming from the EPA itself, which is especially scary under the current administration. It should also be kept in mind that North Carolina is going through a lot after the hurricane, so it’s unclear as to how much of this is falling through the cracks because there are more pressing matters right now, and how much of it is really just okay.

The good news is that the article didn’t put out a sense of ‘we’re not monitoring this because we don’t care,’ but a genuinely ‘this is so clean we can rest assured that it will be fine.’

Clean Air Act Permitting in North Carolina | Permitting ...

Read the original article here.


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