Nature Part 2


I thought that this book as a whole was interesting even if it was dense and at times hard to read. It was interesting getting at least a surface level understanding of the history of nature as it is seen through a human lens. It is very interesting to me how peoples mindsets about nature have shifted so drastically, and almost frequently, over the ages. And as expected, as peoples attitudes towards nature changes so does how they view and subsequently treat it. If it is seen as an eye-sore then people will change it, but if it is seen as God’s creation then it will be protected.



Scientists found Big Bird and he weighed up to 800kg(1763.7 lbs) and was 3 meters(9.8 feet) tall making him the Worlds largest bird. The Vorombe titan(aka ‘Big Bird’) is part of the family Aepyornithidae which is a family of prehistoric flightless birds that once lived in Madagascar.

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