Week 5? 6?

Nature (1st Half)

p. 14- “Topophilia” to have an emotional connection to the physical environment, particularly a certain type, like a forest or ocean. This becomes an issue where certain kinds of charismatic environments are favored over less breath-taking landscapes.

p. 16. Ecofeminism – a facet of intersectional feminism where they believe the Earth has been mistreated due to the same patriarchal methods and behaviors that oppresses non-men genders. I have written an entire paper on ecofeminism and it still escapes me. This is one of my favorite things and we can talk more about this if anyone is interested.


Curbside Compost and Innovative Organics Recycling 

Kait Aromy, Juniper Deitering, and Janelle Valdinger

This project intends to establish Ray Leard’s company, Innovative Organics Recycling, in Delaware, OH. Innovative Organics Recycling is already established in Westerville and Columbus, Dublin, and a lot of other places, but he is looking to expand and bring his services here. This process has three distinct phases that will take place during this semester as part of this project. Their working titles are Curbside Composting, Shaking Hands, and Sustainable Recruitment.

The first phase, Curbside Composting, is to establish compost bins during the Farmers’ Market. The Market takes place on Wednesday evenings from 3-6, and Saturday mornings from 9-12, in downtown Delaware. However, Mr. Leard was clear that he wants to be present on Saturdays, and not Wednesdays. This should last the remainder of the Farmers’ Market Season, October 27th. If it goes well, would transition into use during First Fridays, also in downtown Delaware. As of now, it seems like it will be a year-long thing. The pre-consumer compost will be processed and put to good use, diverting all of the food waste from landfills. 

The second phase, tentatively titled “Shaking Hands”, is the vital part. The second phase is when the transition from farmers’ market to restaurants takes place. In this section of the project, we will speak with owners of downtown real estate and small businesses, surveying their interest in sustainable business practices, as well as their waste profile. Once we gage their interest, and what kind of waste each business generates, we will campaign to the business people of Delaware about Innovative Organics Recycling. Mr. Leard is offering the supplies and training for a 2 week waste audit for any restaurant and is offering the service of food waste recycling to all of the restaurants.    

The third phase, Sustainable Recruitment, is my other favorite part. This is the stage in which we construct an iron-clad recruitment plan, and ensure the sustainability of this project. This is important on a lot of levels. For one, to make sure that Innovative Organics Recycling can continue to be successful and have a presence in Delaware. The second level is so that the small businesses in Delaware can continue to successfully reduce their impact on the environment. The next level is so that Ohio Wesleyan can strengthen its relationship with Delaware. I think it would be amazing if at least one student from Ohio Wesleyan works with Innovative Organics Recycling for the years to come.

To ensure this happens, we will be creating advertisements and marketing materials to recruit students. We will also establish a hiring process that ensures only the most committed and enthusiastic students are a part of this project (for the sake of OWU and downtown Delaware’s relationship, as well as the students’ well being and enjoyment of the process). This will most likely manifest itself as Innovative Organics Recycling becoming an option for the OWU work study program, or just one of the many available off-campus jobs. This will, of course, most likely be one of the more appealing jobs because of its small-hourly commitment and seasonal nature.

This project has other phases outside of this course, with which I will proceed as part of an internship or independent study if all goes well.

  • Initial Meeting 9/28/18, 12:45pm 
    • This is the meeting where Mr. Leard and I were introduced
    • we learned that we were on very different pages in terms of understanding this project
    • Main Component:
      • Resume and Cover Letter
      • Map of Farmers’ Market
  • Writing a Proposal to City Hall
    • Janelle will help me write a proposal to City Hall so that we can join the Farmers’ Market
    • Meeting with head of Downtown Delaware on Tuesday (subject to change)
  • Training Day (Oct. 6th or 13th)
    • I am to go to another Farmers’ Market with Mr. Leard and see how it’s done.
    • This will most likely be in Dublin
  • During the Farmer’s Market (October 13th or 20th)
    • This is the stage during the Farmers’ Market a place, a drop off zone, any paying customers can deposit compost.
    • i will also be recruiting customers
    • the compost will be parked behind J. Gumbo’s until Mr. Leard can come pick it up. 
    • This part will be the recurring job position.
    • Equipment will be provided but transportation will not. 
    • Main Component:
      • Time Commitments on Saturday 8:30-12:30pm
      • Physically moving the compost
      • Being personable with the public
      • possible monetary responsibility 
      • set up and take down
      • storage of equipment
  • Shaking Hands
    • This is the part where the actual business proposals and deals will happen, if all goes well 
    • Most likely talking with landlords
    • This is the part which determines the success of Innovative Organics Recycling in Delaware.
    • Main Component:
      • Meetings
      • Phone calls
      • Presentations
  • Sustainable Recruitment
    • This is the part where we create long-term plan
    • new people will need to create a resume, but not complete an application 
    • Mr. Leard wants students to be a part of this as customers and wants a drop off zone somewhere on campus 
      • this will most likely manifest as a project next semester
    • Main Component:
      • Marketing materials
      • Detailed plan, living document


Environmental News:

Vulcan is Real Now!

There is a sunlike star, HD 26965, that has a recently discovered “super-Earth”! It’s only 16 light years away, which is a cosmic hop, skip, and jump. This is the closest super-Earth to us, which makes it even more exciting. It’s also the same location Gene Roddenberry chose to set Spock’s home planet, Vulcan. This means, Vulcan is now cosmically cannon.

The most interesting part is that the planet is in the habitable zone from HD 26965, where there is possibly water, and where there is water, there is most likely some biological form. Looking for water, hopefully in liquid form, and then searching for life are the next steps for astronomers.

If there is water and it is habitable, it is also twice the size of Earth. Vulcan would make a viable “Planet B.”

The only other issue is that temperatures on half of the planet are too high to be habitable, so we would have to move in on the dark side or underground.

We should probably stick to saving Earth, but how cool?

me and spock

This article inspired me to dig up this picture from high school. I think it’s a good illustration of how exciting this news is to me.
Read the original article here:





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