Celeste Wallick Project Proposal

Project Title- Green Roof Bike Rack


Project Participant(s): Celeste Wallick


Description & overview of project: I will be working with Janelle Valdinger and Caroline Cicerchi(Delaware Watershed/Sustainability coordinator) to write a grant through Ohio Wesleyan’s Small Grant Program to get a Green roofed bike rack on campus by the end of the Fall semester. I would like to put the bike rack by the science center outside of the science library where it can be seen by students and faculty throughout the day and also possibly be used for educational purposes.The plan is to use recycled materials(hopefully from Building and Grounds collection behind their offices) and help from students in the 3-D sculpture classes to weld parts together to make the structure that I will draw up based on the available materials. During my research I saw that Bowling Green University has done a similar project, though on a much larger scale, by constructing a bike rack shelter covered in plants. Their bike shelters can accommodate 18-20 bikes while I am aiming for around 6, a standard sized bike rack, to make the project more manageable and to fit our small school. Bowling Green planted succulents and sedums which are low maintenance plants that grow well in Ohio’s hardiness zone but I am thinking of planting things such as coneflowers and peonies, flowers that will attract pollinators but are also fairly sturdy and grow in our area. The hope for this project is to educate the campus on Delaware’s stormwater program and as such there will be a sign that outlines how this green roof bike rack is helping Delaware’s watershed. I do have other ideas if Buildings and Grounds wants a pre-constructed bike rack, I have a quote from secureabike.com for both their single and double sided planter box bike racks. If all else fails, there is a bike rack by the science library near where I was thinking of placing the green roofed one and if nothing else I’m sure I could work out something to modify those instead of building or purchasing new ones.


Outline of project: First I will take a look at what sort of materials are behind Building and Grounds and draw up a bike rack based on what I find. Then I will contact Eva Blockstein a Senior Sculpture and Zoology Major, to see if she will help with the welding of the project or if she knows someone who would be able to do so. Once I have those two details sorted out I will finalize my proposal and talk to Peter Schantz of Buildings and Grounds to propose my idea for the recycled version of the bike rack. If he has concerns about the materials being recycled or is not okay with the use of such materials I have the quotes from secureabike.com lined up or I can suggest modifying the pre-existing bike rack in that area.


Annotated bibliography:

1) Cicerchi, Caroline. City of Delaware Watershed/Sustainability Coordinator.

Caroline will help edit and give input on the signage for the bike racks so that they are accurate and appropriate for the storm water program

2) “New Bike Racks Sport Green Roofs.” Bowling Green State University, 2015, www.bgsu.edu/news/2015/06/new-bike-racks-sport-green-roofs.html.

I looked into the green roofed bike racks that Bowling Green constructed to give me ideas on the types of plants and materials they used.

3) Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Coneflowers.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, Yankee Publishing Inc, www.almanac.com/plant/coneflowers.

Researching coneflowers to see if they might be good flowers for the project.

4) Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Peonies.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, Yankee Publishing Inc, www.almanac.com/plant/peonies.

Researching peonies to see if they might be good flowers for the project

5) “Riverside Computer Table.”  Global Aluminum Solutions Ltd – SITE FURNISHINGS DIVISION,www.globalaluminumfurnishings.com/riverside-computer-table-759358-1068ii22-786888.html.

Basic format and design that I will consider when designing the recycled bike rack.

5) Schantz, Peter. Buildings and Grounds Coordinator.

I will be working with Peter Schantz to make sure that the bike rack is acceptable to place at school.

6) Securabike. “Double-Sided Planter Box 12 Bike Rack.” Securabike US, www.securabike.com/shop/double-sided-planter-box-12-bike-rack.

This is the double sides planter box bike rack

7) Securabike. “Single Sided Planter Box 6 Bike Rack.” Securabike AU, www.securabike.com.au/shop/single-sided-planter-box-6-bike-rack.

This is the single sided planter box bike rack

8) Valdinger, Janelle. City of Delaware GIS employee. Ohio Wesleyan University.

Janelle will help me with getting the proposal approved and work on applying for a grant.

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