Blog Post Week 5


1.) Nature-Peter Coates



Nature, by Peter Coates; the book is highly academic in it’s writing. It wasn’t horrible to read through, but there were some points during my reading where I had to skip to a different chapter, just for something new. There were certainly some points where I was enamored. Coates’ analysis of nature as a whole is in the right place though, I personally find environmental history very interesting, and the book carries some great information on the different eras of humanity, and the people within that eras treatment of environment, physically and non.

Starting out by analyzing, “the Natures of Nature,” Coates gives us an idea of what we can expect in his writings. Specifically defining the ways that humanity views nature, how this affects the land, and how what we know does not necessarily mean we actually know. Coates goes throughout history, citing examples of natural views in antiquity, medieval period, modern era. Again, this book is very dense, but some points that stood out to me, were just how much our views of nature have changed over time. Of course it has, as more knowledge is attained, more conclusions are made; the interesting part is the pattern, nature being spiritual in views, then as a physical entity. One problem I had with this sort of ‘analysis of nature and humanity’, was that is was a very western oriented in its accounts. Some mentions of other countries are made, but for the most part, it is just the United States and Europe.

“The Disunited colours of Nature” was a good chapter, more so for its analysis of many green movements being heavily linked to one political party. Specifically being aligned with leftist politics. But oh no! Coates lets us know that the right has some green in it. Citing examples of war-time Britain, and the arch-conservative female lobbyist groups that protected birds, because feathers were very ‘in’ at the time. They however employed sexist methods, “on both sides of the Atlantic worked to arouse a sense of shame among their fellow women by playing on their maternal instincts.”

Interesting facts in the book. Just a little too dense.


2.) Current event


Trump Administration Formally Rolls Back Rule Aimed at Limiting Methane Pollution

“He noted that Mr. Trump, in an executive order in March, had directed the Interior Department to reconsider the Obama-era rule and others that “unduly burden” the development of domestic energy resources.” – on David Berhardt, deputy secretary of the Interior Dept.

This quote really says it all. President Trump, the orange in the office, has been on a warpath recently, repealing many regulations on energy companies. This is a blow, because Methane is the worst, and by rolling back limits on the amount of methane that can be emitted, the amount that will be put in the air just increases. This is just for the benefit of these companies, who don’t have to spend as much on regulating their processes. Crazy stuff is just going down everyday now.


3.) Project Proposal

Project Title: The Secret Utilities of Campus

Project Participants: Genaro C. Garcia, Dr. Amador-Rowley, B&G, Janelle Valdinger (City of Delaware)

Project description/overview:

My project, mapping out the utilities that reside beneath Ohio Wesleyan campus, will be done in conjunction with my independent study GEOG 490; GIS: Mapping w/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This independent study, done under the supervision of Dr. Rowley, is being done for the purpose of mapping out campus, and providing a better map for our university, through use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The software we are using for this, is ArcGIS, which in addition to mapping campus at high resolution, it is also able to map out utilities. The focus on mapping out utilities for campus, is because there is no comprehensive map of utilities on Ohio Wesleyan campus. The city of Delaware, in my conversations with Janelle, does not have a map of the utilities that run through campus, and this can prove difficult when inserting new lines, or replacing old ones. This will be a big undertaking, and I assume that I will not have the entirety of utilities on campus mapped, but the main goal is to get the ball rolling. Janelle has told me that Building & Grounds has diagrams of all the utilities on campus, so I will be emailing the:m for a sample, or one diagram, so I can get a feel for how mapping will go. This project is still dependent on my independent study work, i.e. mapping campus. So far I have a couple files stitched together on GIS file of campus, specifically academic side. Once I have a more completed mosaic, I will go in and have my utilities mapping set underneath a different file, so as not to have the two projects confused for one another. While there is a mrsid file of Delaware county, this is not high quality, and much of campus is fuzzy. Maps provided by PUCO (Public Utilities Commission) of Ohio will be used in referencing lines. I will discuss with Dr. Rowley the process behind utility mapping, if he has any more info on it. In addition I will be in attendance at the GIS conference on Sept. 24, so I can soak up more information there.


For my presentation, I intend to go through the process of stitching photos together to form a mosaic. Additionally, I will go through how I think knowing where utilities are can offset some major problems. The first part of the presentation will be about processing the photos. The second part will go through my experiences during flights, what happened, conditions out, how long we flew for, what was recorded on the drone , etcetera. The final part, will go through me referencing where these utility lines are beneath OWU, and where they run through, and of course, the map.  

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