Project Proposal

Project Title: Rain Garden

Project participants: Kayla Adolph, Janelle Valdinger, City of Delaware, OWU Buildings and Grounds, potentially DPU, Acorn Farms, and Kurtz Brothers

Description and Overview of Project: This will be a continuation of Janelle’s project last year. It will be the installation of a depression type rain garden on OWU’s campus, next to Merrick Hall.


For the semester I will

-Calculate the size of the impervious area

-Decide on plants to be planted (taking into account blooming season and plants previously planted)

-Design the shape of the garden and have renderings created

-Create a budget and apply for a SIP (Student Individualized Project)

-Create a sign giving credit to those who helped the process

For the purpose of this class, I hope my final presentation will be the artist renderings and a confirmed installation date.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 9.13.29 PM

For the year- I will be following up on the installation day, a date which will be set before graduation to allow this year’s graduating class to have a more ~aesthetic~ graduation.


1.) Valdinger, Janelle. City of Delaware GIS employee. Ohio Wesleyan University.

Janelle is my main resource, as she has made a lot of these connections previously

4.) City of Delaware, Ohio., GIS department., in association with: Janelle Valdinger. “City of Delaware-GIS Department.” City of Delaware-GIS Department.

The data collected by the city will help me in my calculations of drainage basin size.

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