The Fanaticism of the Apocolypse- Ashley

This book I found extremely abrasive, it might be that I need longer to understand why he says the things he does, or it might be that he is a quack of a person whom barely has any thoughts of his own if the excerpts are any indication.  I will agree that at times environmentalists are prone to a type of pessimistic misanthropy, many believe that everything would be better if we humans disappear over night. One thing that really caused me to grit my teeth was the comparison of the carbon footprint to the orginial sin, thtat the earth is eden and we continue to sully her.

“Man is a cancer on the Earth…a throwaway species”(13)- this sentence from page 13 insighted so much distaste for the book, we are naturally prone to not want to be called a throw away species that is worth nothing. When we as humans devalue ourselves that is when we should be afraid because it is our acceptance that we cannot change.

“When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s bioshpere will be allowed to return to its former glory” p 14- this part was hilarious to me, not only because it is vastly impossible but it would not yeild any results for many years. Some quack thinks this is really the best idea for saving earth? I could come up with a better idea as a child, this was equal parts funny and dumb.


Plutonium Fears at a New wild life preserve

The site was once used to manufracture nuclear weapons,  and even though it was almost 20 years ago many worry about how effective the clean up was as it was completed in 1/6th of the time orginally estimated to be needed. The site was labeled as a superfund site, meaning it was harmful to the environment and the surround populations, it was cleaned in 10 years by an independent contractor who charges 7(bn) much less than the 30(bn) estimated. Schools have already forbade field trips in order to protect their students and many are in protest of the opening, although the Wild life officials assure its safe. Perhaps this is our own modern day Chernobyl fields?





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