Week 4- The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

This book was definitely a change of pace from the books from the last weeks couple of books. The previous two books had a landscape type of focus and a sort of intimacy between man and nature. This book takes the approach of man vs. nature on a macro level. Pascal Bruckner is a man whose philosophy on nature is more pessimistic and, as the title implies, apocalyptic. Much like others inclined to take this course, I took this course because I enjoy nature and climate change concerns me. While I believe in the power of small actions, I’m not always sure they will have a big impact. Bruckner is not of the same philosophy by any means. He seems to believe that our actions will have little impact because of the path we have taken thus for.

“But engaging in a dialogue with nature does not prevent us from taming or cultivating it.” pg. 127

“Our efforts to correct the damage done by progress give rise in turn to new calamities.” pg. 113

“Saving nature is also a way of saving ourselves.” pg. 101

“A devastated world would mark not the triumph but the devastation of the human itself.” pg. 101

“Terror is the surest path to servitude.” pg. 45

Environmental news

AMLO promises to clean up environment- and build up a new oil refinery in Mexico

While these statements seem contradictory, they both have a purpose. Mexico has had a tricky relationship with petroleum, and as such expect better prices in gas. It seems like an important part of the platform, so it is a good thing this president is trying to include the environment, too.

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