Placing Animals – Caroline Hamlin

As Julie Urbanik vividly illustrates, non-human animals are central to our daily human lives. We eat them, wear them, live with them, work with them, try to save them, spoil them, abuse them, fight them, hunt them, love them and hate them. Placing Animals brings together two worlds where the historical development of the field of animal geography with a comprehensive survey of how geographers study animals today. Urbanik provides the readers with a thorough understanding of the relationship between animal geography and the larger animal studies project, an appreciation of many geographies of human-animal interactions around the world, and insight into how animal geography is both challenging and contributing to the major field of human and nature-society geography. Through the theme of the role of place in shaping where and why human-animal interactions occur, the chapters in turn explore the history of animal geography and our distinctive relationships in the home on farms, context of labor, in wider culture, and in the wild.

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