Environment and Society, and Canada

Environment and Society by Tobbins, Hintz, and Moore was an interesting analysis of various aspects of the world. With chapters on wolves, trees, e-waste, and even uranium, it provides a solid source for just about everything. One point I found interesting were the arguments that population growth is causing problems – or is it? In Europe, the growth of population has (eventually) led to a repopulation of trees. However, the medical industry creates huge amounts of waste just to keep people alive… and the medical industry is a product of our modern society. With this industry, we are living longer which means more people are on the earth at a time, even if birthrates stay the same.

I also found the Cap and Trade section interesting. Without reading about its effect, I had a negative opinion of this system. I felt that it would turn into some huge bank scandal where a group hoards credits and loans them and it would become something like the Big Short movie. However, it seems they are relatively benign (for now, as far as we know) and actually produce more positive effects than a simple forced lowered emissions.

In the tree chapter, I learned that coffee can be grown in the shade of other trees, in its traditional production style, which allows for a natural forest to live around it. Essentially, it is a forest with mainly coffee, along with many other organisms typically found in a forest. This type of harvest does not produce as much yield as conventional farming, however it is extremely better for the environment. And so people must choose between higher priced coffee or cheap coffee that comes at a price…


In the news, Canada is trying to make ends meet for the Paris Climate Agreement (which uses a cap and trade system), but the plans it is setting are not going to get it on track for the goal. Additionally, Canada seems to think it is going to trade some of its excess with the US, even though Trump has been adamant about dropping out of the Climate agreement, meaning Canada could be in big trouble.



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