Week 11 Post- Matt Yung

I found Environment and Society to have an academic view of the world and it sparked a few philosophical questions for me. It made me question how we view welfare systems, our daily consumption and ways, if necessary, of limiting the population. Robbins also discussed a market system based on environmental impacts to try reducing our pollution. I believe our economy today, in accordance with the EPA, has emission regulations for some industries. Current legislation limits the amount of pollution either an individual machine can release or for an area such as a factory. After Congress initially passed this legislation, there was an issue that made its way to the Supreme Court over whether the EPA can decide if it applies to individual pieces of equipment or to factories as a whole. Since the EPA is an administrative agency, they have the discretion on determining which it applies to. I believe they have historically measured it by factory but I reviewed an article earlier this semester about how the EPA might change this policy. I don’t think it is effect today and I am worried that it will not be effective for the foreseeable future since the EPA is part of the executive branch, thus the president chooses some of its members.  


Seaweeds Shelter Calcifying Marine Line from Acidifying Oceans

Seaweeds have chemical microenvironments on their surface for organisms which are at risk from a decreasing pH in oceans. The research was published in a journal called Functional Ecology discussing CO2 levels and the impact on oceanic ecosystems.


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