Environment & Society

There seems to be no conceptual aspect of the environment-society (human-nature) relationship left out in this text. Disciplines spanning from environmental ethics to political economy are presented in what I found to be a very clear manner.

Being a science major I am quite used to examining dense textbooks and drawing the information I need from them. Since this book was written in a very similar manner I was able to more easily grasp the information and think deeply about it.

My favorite parts of the book were chapters containing information on economics and environmental ethics. I am not very familiar with economics and its relation to nature, and greatly appreciated them shedding light on this. By doing this they helped give me a better idea of how economics effects our environment, issues within frequently used economic systems, areas of improvement, and polices/practices being implemented to conserve and in some cases preserve landscapes and resources. Needless to say, this chapter gave me some information that lead me to begin to question capitalism. Is it really the most effective system? Can we conserve resources when our market constantly depends on the production of new goods and services? As of now I don’t know.

This was my first time hearing terms such as social ecology and deep ecology (from environmental ethics). I have not delved very deeply into why the majority of us treat nature in the way we do, and when I read that social hierarchies and exploitation of humans influences our treatment of nature that made so much sense! DOI!

I loved this book and it gave me a good deal of topics to think further about and more productive ways of thinking critically about them!


Environmental Interest!:

I am very excited to start looking further into environmental ethics and found this book written by John Muir (“The Eight Wilderness Discovery Books”) and was thinking of beginning there!

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