Blog post on Environment and Society

I found environmental and society to be an interesting read. It was a bit all over the place as I felt the authors were trying to cover too many things. It is definitely a dense book with a lot of content. The book is not exactly great or exciting but it raises questions and answers them adequately. In the book, the authors discuss how economic markets can have a certain impact on the population and I think that is an excellent way to come up with explanations although the answers we get might not always be correct.

The book covers a lot and could attract a different kind of readers but at the same time, everyone may not agree with the theories and answer this book is trying to answer about environmental ethics. Personally, I liked the examples that were used to connect questions about ecology, environmental challenges, climate change and how the authors explained the scientific, political and economic reasoning behind these problems. To conclude, it wasn’t one of the best books I read but it definitely helped in giving me more perspective on environmental problems.

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