Week 7- Blog Post

Nature (ch. 6-9). In the beginning of Chapter 6 Coates begins by discussing how the new geographers seek to reveal the definition and use of the word nature. He also writes about one of my personal favorite regions, the American West. One of my favorite quotes from this chapter is, “A Yosemite Indian revisiting Yosemite valley was unimpressed by subsequent changes in the land. Management (or lack of it) for the sake of wilderness values had fostered a landscape she thought untidy and overgrown” (pg. 112). In chapter 7, he starts off by saying “Modern environmentalism has been condition by a range of dangers towards land, air, seas and inland water that are largely unique to the period since the Second World War” (pg. 125). He then lists pollutants that have been started to be detected, particularly nuclear fall-out, insecticides, inorganic fertilizers, plastics and chemical detergents. A next major section of this chapter is called Darwinism, ecology and nature. One of my favorite things he wrote in this chapter is “Open a British book written out after 1859 containing ‘Man’ and ‘Nature’ in its title – of which there were many- and you will find no discussion of human impact on the environment” (pg. 140). To be honest I really didn’t understand a lot of the points in chapter 8. In chapter 9 he discusses the future of nature. He starts off by describing how in 1989 there was a US state department official who provocative article called “The end of History?” In another part of this chapter he discussed how research on animal behavior that particularly questions the divide between nature and culture by suggesting common bonds between animals and people marks the end of nature. This was an interesting point. Overall I found this book to be quite dull, but informative, which is exactly what you said.

In environmental news heres an article:




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