Nature Pt 2

Before reading Nature, I had not considered the different uses and perspectives of nature throughout history. In chapter 6, Coates discusses the European view of nature and landscape as a sort of “tamed” or “perfected nature.” Throughout the chapter, Coates highlights how problematic designating lands for specific uses can be, in the context of recreation, agriculture, and industry. This gets me back to thinking about land use and what is “best” for the specific ecosystem we are using, but I’m not sure how I, or we as humans, can really know what is “best.” At this point, we can’t undo what has been done, so where do we go from here? Do we even need to do anything? Do we close the land off, or do we let things keep happening as they will? I appreciated the presentation of various perspectives of different authors, philosophers, societies, and cultures and it was more of an informative read than anything else. I do have plenty of thoughts about this half of the reading, but I don’t feel too inclined to write them out here.


Cool Food Waste Law in France for Grocery Stores:

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