‘The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse’ and… Viruses Falling From the Sky?

Gaia -Primordial Deity of the Earth in Greek Mythology

Many different arguments and perspectives were introduced in The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse, but I couldn’t help get caught up in this idea that,


” The globe becomes the new proletarian that has to be saved from exploitation, if need be by reducing the human population to 500 million.”

Here is a concept I think about frequently; maybe things would be (ecologically) better off if everyone were to just… go away?

As a Christian, I struggle with this idea, even though I believe in it. The bible elicits to the fact that humans are God’s ultimate creation. He tells us to proliferate, to have dominion over the earth. But I tend to believe that God prioritizes the earth over us, though if I am to stick to this belief that we are His ultimate creation, maybe I should be thinking about this in a different way. Maybe, if he does prioritize us over the earth, then he would do what is necessary to preserve our species, and in the biblical past, that included flooding the earth and letting everyone repopulate.

So, if we are heading in the direction of the destruction of the earth and thus the destruction of our species, then would God seek to destroy the majority of our species to allow the world to regenerate and become sustainable again? As in the story of Noah’s Ark?

That would be the ultimate preservation of our species, in my mind – ultimately allowing the human race to survive even longer on this earth (and that’s if the earth even has a chance to reach a new, normal, habitable equilibrium once we drive it into the ground).

But, these are just thoughts, anyway. Maybe what we do really need is innovation to survive in any environment imaginable.

Viruses Falling From the Sky

It is no surprise that there are millions of viral particles in the air, but a novel study is the first to quantify this occurrence.

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