Week 3 blog post – David Rich

Desert Solitaire is a novel about Edward Abbey’s experience in the national park in Moab, Utah. He contemplates wilderness and human interaction coexisting with this the park. He describes the beauty of the park and how it is being mistreated by humans. Abbey agrees with the fundamental definition of wilderness, meaning it shouldn’t be tainted or disturbed by humans. This does not need to be a literal footprint, like a road or a factory, but just the exhaust and the general trash distort the landscape and the animals and plants living in it. The end of the book doesn’t lead us the be hopeful, due to further human interaction with wilderness.


Environmental News: Nearly half of the US military sites have been threatened by weather from climate change. These findings have created strained relations the Donald Trump. Sites that have been damaged include airfields, water systems, and energy infrastructure. Trump still declines the effects due to climate change, even after these findings.

Article link: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/31/climate-change-threatens-us-military-bases-pentagon

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