Lucas Farmer- Desert solitaire

This book has a very interesting style. The description of what Edward saw during his time was very detailed. For me it was easier to picture the landscape of this area because not only have I seen pictures of this area, but I understand the weathering processes that have sculpted the area over many many years. The interactions with visitors from the park he met were intriguing. He met someone from, I think, Ohio and talked to him about the water. Something on the lines of this place being better if there were more water. If there were more water at this area then it would be what it is and Edward Abbey made the argument that its fine the way it is. There are somethings we do as humans that alter our landscapes, a lot of things, but should we do anything to prevent natural occurrences from changing landscape. Thats how these arches and such were made were from natural weathering. Do we have the right to stop natural occurrences from happening? I may not have worded that very well, but it was just a quick thought.

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