Blog post Graham Cote

In Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire we see a unique interaction between man and the environment that surrounds us. Abbey’s isolation in the national park provides him a way to see the environment almost as a third party viewer. He views humans interaction with their environment from afar as he witnesses the spread of agriculture and the loss of biodiversity, especially in the population of desert predators, leading to an overpopulation of animals like rabbits and deer. Abbey experiences the American Southwest in a way that allows him to appreciate the national park without having a significant long term effect on the environment, a concept that Abbey believes should be appreciated by all that visit the park. It is disheartening to see the degradation of wilderness areas due to the greed or even simply ignorance of the government. This is especially frustrating as the negative effects are being ignored by policy makers, and even the national park service itself, creating no easy path to reverse this issue.

This article explains the UK government’s scrutiny of wood and coal fires in peoples homes. The government is looking into this issue in an attempt to decrease emissions and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While this legislation seems plausible in Europe, this seems like it would be a far fetched idea in America due to privacy laws.

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