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Desert Solitaire is an autobiography based on the experiences of Edward Abbey, who worked as a park ranger in Utah. The theme of the book is almost always driftings to a comedic effect and that is understandable since I agree that sometimes sarcasm is the most effective way of getting a point across to the audience. The book comprises of various short stories, a lot of which cracked me up because of how well written they were. On page 97, Edward talks about the life outside the buildings we live in and the nature that awaits us if we just step outside. He talks about his experiences of eating dinner outside near a bonfire with his feet embedded in sand, which to me sounds serene and beautiful. I loved his remark on solipsism about how one shouldn’t be confined to the walls of a library to understand that. He says that “in order to refute a solipsist, all you have to do is take that person out and throw a rock if they duck, then they are lying.” It is a beautiful book in general and should definitely be read by anyone who is looking for a refreshing, sarcastic outlook on life.

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