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“The time has come to rethink wilderness” struck me right as I opened the pdf to begin my fascination with Cronon’s ideas about the wilderness around us. There are many concepts of nature from philosophers, scientists and politicians but what is the true meaning of wilderness? Wilderness presents itself as a refuge where one can find themselves and in that, can hopefully find a way to save the planet. Cronon goes against Thoreau who declared, “In Wildness is the preservation of the World” but is it? Nature is suppose to stand apart from humanity but it is profoundly a human creation. It is not a untouched, pristine place because every place has been touched and contaminated by civilization from pollution in the air to the plastic waste in the ocean. To rethink wilderness, people must be open to the ideas of what others have to say about wilderness to come together with solutions to fix problems in our environment that is being effected by the poor decision we are making as a civilization. Our planet provides for us but how come we don’t treat our planet with respect? Is a greed issue? How can we emphasis the issues that are greatly effecting us by the decisions we are making?


My name is Caroline Hamlin and I am a Junior at Ohio Wesleyan University. My majors are Environmental Studies and Geography.  I am from the windy city of Chicago, IL and I am very passionate about environmental education and conservation. I am a Stratford Ecological Center intern as well as a legacy intern with the admissions office here at Ohio Wesleyan. I am looking forward to getting more involved with the sustainability program here by taking on a project throughout the semester.

Three ideas for my project include:

  • Strengthening our relationship with a composting farm and taking food waste from Ohio Wesleyan to a compost farm.
  • Work towards environmental education to Ohio Wesleyan students
  • Work toward hydration station follow ups

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